Creative Brands Gives Back:

That's All.®

That's All.® is the brainchild of Karen Rosenzweig, created as a testament to the power of laughter and simple truths: "We believe in the power of laughter, and in fact, That's All.® was conceived in my sister's hospital room while she was being treated for ovarian cancer. Being able to say 'You have cancer. That's All.' allowed us to find humor during a stressful time."

A portion of all proceeds from That's All.® sales is donated to the fight against ovarian cancer. To date over $100,000.00 has been donated to the fight against ovarian cancer.


SIPS was created with one mission in mind: to deliver a clean, sustainable sip that promotes access to potable water for communities in Uganda. That is why with every purchase, you are helping us drill a well for a village in need.

Our products reflect our attitude towards water-- simple yet essential. When our passion for design is combined with our mission in Uganda, customers can celebrate a small victory in every sip. Whether enjoying the company of friends and family or shaking off the morning's slumber, they are helping change the world for real people. We believe that should feel pretty darn good.

So here's to making every sip a memorable one. Cheers!